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My Origin Story

As I sat down for dinner, my gaze shifted from my bowl of chicken curry to my cat, who was indulging in a serving of shredded chicken. A wave of unease washed over me as I wondered, "How could I justify eating this chicken or any other sentient animal, but not my own beloved pets?" It was then that my doubts about my consumption of animal products began to surface.

Despite my reservations, I had deliberately avoided watching any documentaries or videos about slaughterhouses, but I knew I couldn't ignore them any longer. I made a promise to myself to confront the harsh realities of the meat industry head-on. That's when I worked up the courage to watch the documentary "Earthlings," which would become a turning point in my journey into veganism.

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I have spent over eight years working with individuals struggling with a range of mental health disorders. My career path has taken me from working at a Suicide Prevention Teen Hotline to the U.S. Army to teaching English to middle and high school students; these made up the core of my experiences which led me to ultimately establish my own private practice.

In my therapy practice, I employ a diverse range of techniques and modalities, such as hypnosis, poetry therapy, somatic psychology, and qigong, to facilitate deep healing and transformation. My extensive education in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University allows me to integrate this approach into my work and foster a safe, supportive environment for my clients.

With my training and experience, I am committed to helping my clients navigate through grief, trauma, anxiety, and relationship challenges. By combining my knowledge and passion for creative non-fiction writing and poetry, I can offer a unique perspective and approach to mental health treatment that goes beyond traditional methods.

Mind and Body Integration

Understanding the connection between mind and body and using that information to influence health is very important to me. I have been informally studying various aspects of mind and body health from the time I began practicing Tai Chi and Qigong 17 years ago. My study became formal once I stepped into the Ph.D. program for Mind-Body Medicine through Saybrook University over six years ago; it is there that I learned how to use the connection as a means to support mental and physical health. 

My approach is based on my study of mind-body medicine, integrative mental health, and wellness at the doctoral level. I facilitate deep exploration, healing, and transformation while teaching gentle yet powerful grounding techniques in a casual, relaxed atmosphere where you are honored and respected for simply being you.
I specialize in integrative mind-body psychotherapy, hypnosis, mindfulness meditation, somatic psychology, qigong, and therapy for adolescents and young adults struggling with grief, trauma, anxiety, relationship challenges, academic & career issues, and existential crises. My approach is grounded in respect and inspires the desire for change.

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