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Welcome to Compassion in Action: Healing for the Changemaker
Resilience, Compassion, and Recovery for the Advocates of Change

Grounded Activism: Your Sanctuary for Change
Dive into a supportive environment at Empowered Healing, where your commitment to environmental sustainability, human rights, and social equity is met with the understanding and resources to sustain your passion. We acknowledge the weight of compassion, fatigue, and trauma that accompanies the fight for justice and offer a haven for rejuvenation and empowerment.

Confronting Compassion Fatigue Together
Activism is a journey that challenges the heart and soul. Beyond traditional therapy, we provide specialized workshops like “Healing from Activist Trauma” and “Navigating Compassion Fatigue,” focusing on restoring your emotional energy and enhancing your capacity for empathy and effective action.

Tailored Healing for Activist Needs
Our offerings are specifically designed to meet the demands of your activism:

•    Stress Management Workshops: Equip yourself with quick, effective strategies to manage activism pressures.
•    Resilience Building: Gain tools to strengthen emotional resilience against adversity.
•    Art as Activism: Channel your experiences into creative expressions.
•    Mindfulness for the Frontlines: Maintain your mental clarity in the chaos of activism.
•    Eco-Therapy: Reconnect with the environment and your mission.

A Vibrant Community of Changemakers
Join "Voices of Change," a forum where your experiences with trauma and compassion fatigue are shared, understood, and transformed into collective strength. Here, activists find a network of support, inspiration, and shared paths to healing.

Step Forward with Renewed Purpose
Embrace a journey that balances your dedication to social justice with the necessity of personal wellness. With our expertise in trauma-informed care and a profound understanding of the activist’s experience, we guide you through overcoming compassion fatigue and embracing a sustainable approach to activism.

Begin Your Journey of Resilience and Recovery
Do you feel the weight of your advocacy efforts? Contact us to see how our holistic approach can bolster your strength and ensure your continued impact.



You are warmly invited to a complimentary 20-minute consultation through secure video conferencing. Please, contact me with any further questions! 

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