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At Holistic Vegan Therapy, you are invited to join this sanctuary for those seeking a more fulfilling and authentic life; where we prioritize the mental well-being of individuals who are dedicated to living a vegan lifestyle. We understand that being a vegan can bring up unique challenges, such as anxiety, depression, Vystopia, trauma from witnessing animal cruelty, and the pressure of being an animal rights activist. These experiences can take a toll on your mental health and make you feel like you don't fit in with the rest of society. At HVT, we reject this notion and believe that you are inherently whole, and deserving of respect and appreciation just as you are.

At HVT, we believe that being a vegan is not just a lifestyle choice but a valid and important part of who you are; we understand the complex intersection of your beliefs and emotions. Your ideas and beliefs are just as valid and worthy of exploration and acceptance as anyone else's; even as family, friends, and society look down on and dismiss you, you continue to fight for your truth and the rights of animals.

Here we offer holistic and mind-body therapy techniques to help you heal your mind and body while managing the impact of judgment, stress, and sadness on your mental well-being. Our focus is on helping you develop greater self-awareness and acceptance so that you can live a life that is true to who you are. Our approach includes thoughtful reflection through poetry and creative writing, thought-stopping techniques, deeply relaxing hypnotherapy, and the ancient art of qigong to reclaim control over your thoughts, emotions, and body. By practicing these techniques, you will be able to redirect your attention away from what others say about you and focus on what you can do to improve your situation and appreciate who you truly are.

It’s important to find a safe and supportive space to process these experiences. At Holistic Vegan Therapy, we believe that you are whole and worthy of respect and appreciation. Let us help you maintain your mental well-being and continue to fight for the causes you care about. With HVT, you'll have a safe and supportive space to explore your thoughts and feelings and to find the peace and fulfillment you deserve. In so doing, you may very well find a group of individuals who sing the song of your heart.

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You are warmly welcomed to a complimentary 20-minute consultation through secure video conferencing. Please, contact me with any further questions! 

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